BioApparel explores circular design strategies to promote natural materials and waste reduction within the global fashion industry.
The conceptual fashion project applies circular design strategies in an adaptable garment. It translates the necessity for circular and slow design by highlighting an organic-derived material: a protein collagen-based substrate that defines the importance of materiality. 

The wearable art garment consists of an organic bio-based material produced for ethical design, it is minimalistic and timely. The pattern and tonality of the piece is inspired by the local Gold Coast landscape. The natural dyes are a combination of salvaged bi-products including eggshells, avocado skins, and algae-based pigments.
The purpose of the garment is to highlight its adaptable materiality- after the garment is no longer desirable, it can easily be remoulded and re-dyed to produce a new piece.  At the end of use, the garment can be safely returned to the biosphere. 

 Can a new design strategy and sustainable alternatives be adapted within the current ‘Fast-fashion’ industry of our hyperconsumeristic society- both on an individual and global scale to change the course of the fashion world?
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