'Capulus Orbis'
Digital Prints
92 x 61 cm

Though combining organic materials with commercial and household waste ‘Capulus Orbis’ investigates the throwaway culture and highlights the usefulness of leftover resources. As an artist working within the field of Bio-Art, Sophia explores the use of non-conventional materials, to present them to the public in unique ways through various visual languages. These works continue the examination of biomaterial, a material derived of organic matter.
The investigations into these materials has been integrated with the use of food waste including the biproduct of coffee- the waste grounds and citrus peel, acknowledging and uncovering the practicalities of discarded materials, and their usefulness by repurposing them as an artmaking resource.
The transformation of these material has led to new artistic and aesthetic solutions. One of the basic characteristics of the works is the natural colours, the simple shape and appearance of the material. This is a minimal intervention and the repetitive production is suggestive of current unconscious consumerist habits. The artificial light enhances the textural, transparent features, providing tactility to the work.
The second part of ‘Capulus Orbis’ permits the digitalisation of the entire artistic process, providing micro and macro experiences, also informing the endless possibilities of bringing natural materials into new settings. In doing so, the body of work communicates the importance of our resources and stimulates dialogue in order to change human behaviour towards the environment, encouraging long-term respect for the natural systems we coexist with.
'Capulus Orbis'
Bio-material & Steel
6100 x 4500 cm

'Capulus Orbis'
Lightbox  & Bio-material
53 x 55 cm

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