'Untitled' WS3 
Bio-material & Organic Matter 
90 x 90cm

Blurring the boundaries between the natural world and contemporary bio-design techniques, 'Incapable of Bending into an Obscurity', expands the use of unconventional materials, presenting them in unique ways. The works are inspired by personal and global issues surrounding consumption and waste.
This waste has created a new geological time, the age of the Anthropocene; a geological time period in which human existence is directly and indirectly the most dominant influence on ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources.
Biomaterial and organic fibres are the only substances within the works. By weaving the organic fibres their interconnectedness holds the sculptures together leaving areas for the naturally dyed biomaterials to inhabit. Local biomass and waste are utilised, conveying the importance of circular design, reusing and recycling materials, having no impact on the environment, in turn producing minimal waste while feeding creative desires.
The light that passes through the works are essentially a catalyst, as in nature bringing the pieces to life. The transparency of the biomaterial highlights their vulnerability.  Embedded inside, the sculptures are illuminated showcasing the variety of natural colours and the intricate structures formed by nature.
By transforming these substances into 3 dimensional artworks, 'Incapable of Bending into an Obscurity', has been developed as a restorative stance. By examining the relationship between humans and nature a conceptual approach has been assumed. The organic substances in this body of work are temporal and will ultimately deteriorate and biodegrade bringing natural materials into new settings.

'Untitled' WS1
Bio-material & Organic Matter
120 x 90cm

'Untitled' WS2
Bio-material & Organic Matter
130 x 90cm

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